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In honor of The Distance podcast’s debut, I asked Basecampers what podcasts they’re currently enjoying and collected the responses. In some cases, you’ll see a recommendation for a particularly good episode to check out. (Basecamp is also sponsoring several podcasts, including Nerdette and Bullseye, which are mentioned below.) As I was compiling this list, I felt like I was naming every podcast in the world. But it’s just a sign of what a long and interesting tail there is in the world of audio. Here’s to discovering new things! And as a bonus, you’ll find recommendations for podcast apps at the end. Be sure to add your suggestions for any great podcasts (or apps) we’ve missed in the comments.

  • 99% Invisible: Shaun calls it “probably the best podcast about design out there.”
  • Accidental Tech Podcast: Marco Arment, maker of the iOS podcast app Overcast (and many other things), is one of the co-hosts.
  • All About Android: News, hardware, apps, how-tos.
  • Back to Work: Merlin Mann and Dan Benjamin talk about productivity.
  • The Broad Experience: A show about women in the workplace. Joan recommends this episode about women engineers in Silicon Valley.
  • The Critical Path: Analysis of Apple and mobile technology.
  • Debug: A “conversational interview show” about software, with a focus on Apple.
  • Freakonomics Radio: From the authors of the best-selling book.
  • Jobs-to-be-done Radio: Listen to this 2013 episode featuring our very own Ryan Singer.
  • Marketplace: This well-known business news show is 25 years old!
  • Planet Money: NPR’s lively show about the economy.
  • Reply All: Stories about Internet culture from the duo that founded TLDR on WNYC.
  • StartUp: Public radio veteran Alex Blumberg documents his journey starting a podcast company.
  • Support Ops: Basecamper Chase co-hosts this weekly show about what makes a great customer support pro.
  • This Week in Google: Hosted by Leo Laporte and Jeff Jarvis.
  • The Tim Ferriss Show: From the author of “The 4 -Hour Workweek.”
  • TLDR: A show about Internet culture hosted by Meredith Haggerty, who took over when the show’s founders decamped for Reply All (see above).


Pop Culture/Arts & Entertainment

  • The Adventure Zone: The McElroy brothers of My Brother, My Brother and Me (see above) play Dungeons & Dragons with their dad. Joan recommends Episode 2.
  • The Attitude Era: A look back at the World Wrestling Federation during the late 90s.
  • All Songs Considered: Jason Zimdars calls this show “the best place to hear about new music if you’re no longer 25.”
  • Bullseye: A pop culture show that’s also distributed by NPR.
  • Denzel Washington is Greatest Actor of All Time Period: I told you there was a long tail in podcasts.
  • Filmspotting: Film reviews and interviews.
  • The Goosedown: Two black comedians’ perspective on pop culture.
  • How Did This Get Made?: Comedians take down bad movies.
  • I Was There Too: Interviews with actors who played minor characters in well-known movies, like the woman with the baby carriage in The Untouchables.
  • Maltin On Movies: Longtime film critic Leonard Maltin and his co-host, comedian Baron Vaughn, talk about movies.
  • The Nerdist Podcast: Weekly interviews with entertainers and comedians.
  • OMFG: A show that explains what kids are up to these days.
  • Pop Rocket: A fun panel discusses what’s new and interesting in entertainment. Joan recommends Episode 2.
  • Song Exploder: Musicians take apart their songs and share the stories behind them.
  • Sound Opinions: A talk show hosted by two veteran Chicago music critics.
  • Tiny Desk Concerts: Intimate performances at the NPR offices.
  • U Talkin’ U2 to Me?: Adam Scott of Parks and Rec and Scott Aukerman of Comedy Bang! Bang! talk about U2.
  • We Hate Movies: James says this show is about “entertainingly terrible (but not terribly entertaining) movies torn apart by nerds.” Also, James has his own podcast about life in Berlin!
  • Wham Bam Pow: Movie reviews focused on sci-fi and action films.
  • Who Charted?: The latest in music and movies, featuring Los Angeles comedians.


  • Audio Dharma: Talks from the Insight Meditation Center, a Buddhist center in Redwood City, California.
  • Barbell Shrugged: Fitness, nutrition, conditioning, lifting heavy things.
  • Chewing the Fat: A weekly show hosted by two food journalists, Louisa Chu and Monica Eng. Get it?!
  • The Guardian Football Weekly: Soccer, that is.
  • Savage Lovecast: Love and sex advice from the inimitable Dan Savage.
  • Take It Uneasy: Elite athletes in judo, jiu jitsu and other sports tackle “challenge, fear, and happiness in all aspects of life.” Joan recommends this episode with AnnMaria De Mars, the USA’s first Judo World Champion, who is also (among other things) a game developer and mother of UFC champion Ronda Rousey.
  • Totally Beverages: Sometimes hot sauce, too.
  • Totally Married: From the same folks that bring you Totally Beverages.

News/Culture/Storytelling/Not Easily Categorized

  • Criminal: True crime stories.
  • How To Do Everything: Ordering wine, punching people in the face, ironing pants.
  • Intelligence Squared U.S.: Oxford-style debates, recorded live.
  • Longform: Interviews with non-fiction writers and journalists.
  • Oh No, Ross and Carrie!: Shaun says the hosts “infiltrate cults and fringe science groups” in a show that’s funny without looking down on its subjects.
  • On the Media: Covering media coverage of the week’s news.
  • The Moth: True stories from the storytelling non-profit, which also holds live events across the country.
  • Roderick on the Line: Musician John Roderick talks to Merlin Mann (see Back to Work in the Productivity category).
  • Serial: The show, sponsored by Mail…kimp? that got everyone talking about podcasts again (or in the first place).
  • TED Radio Hour: Based on TEDtalks from notable speakers.
  • This American Life: The Ira Glass Fan Cub.
  • Throwing Shade: Funny and acerbic discussion of women’s rights, gay rights, politics and pop culture.
  • The Thom Hartmann Program: The political commentator’s nationally syndicated radio show.
  • Wait…Wait…Don’t Tell Me!: NPR’s weekly news quiz show.
  • Fireside Mystery Theatre: This group of actors and musicians describe their monthly performances as “an old-fashioned, live radio show with a modern horror twist.”
  • Yo, Is This Racist?: Probably. Hosted by the creator of the identically named Tumblr.


Did you make it all the way to the bottom? Good for you! Here are some podcast apps we like: