Announcing: The Basecamp Way To Work Workshop

Spend an afternoon with us and you’ll see it all — how we communicate internally, how we decide what to do, how we divvy up and manage work, how we’re structured, how teams interact, how designers and programmers work together — even how we disagree and resolve conflict. Everything’s on stage, nothing’s off-limits.

The workshop is Thursday, July 7, 2016, at our headquarters in Chicago. Get a ticket today for just $200. NOTE: The last three workshops have all sold out within 24 hours of being announced, so if you want to attend this one don’t delay! We hope to see you there!

For years people have asked us how we work at Basecamp. We’ve shared our business and development philosophies in Getting Real, REWORK, and REMOTE, but we’ve never lifted the veil on our organizational structure and unusual work methods. And unusual they are — we’ve developed an entirely original way to work together.

What does our day-to-day look like? How do we organize and manage work? How do we communicate across the company? What do we tell everyone, vs what do we only tell a few people? How do teams coordinate? How do we gather ideas, consider feedback, break work into digestible chunks, build, and deliver. How do we maintain our culture? How do we work remotely across 30 different cities around the world? How do we make so much progress in a short time with a small team?

On July 7th and we’ll go behind the scenes and share everything. We’ll show you how we use Basecamp 3 to run Basecamp. Everything will be exposed.

After this workshop you’ll have a new perspective on how people can work together, how and when to communicate this way vs that way, and how keeping everything together in one place is the secret to a few small teams making some really big things. You’ll have new insights into how your own organization, group, or team can shift its perspective and work better together.

The workshop will be hosted by Jason Fried (Basecamp co-founder & CEO), David Heinemeier Hansson (co-founder & CTO), and Ryan Singer (strategy). It’s live, interactive, and small-audience intimate with lots of interrupt-anytime Q&A.

We look forward to seeing you on July 7th!