Basecamp announces Fun Can Wait™

At Basecamp, it’s part of our DNA to provide our customers with the latest and greatest technology. We know Basecamp is mission-critical software to our customers. And so, we continuously deliver new and improved product features in a timely manner, automatically, to enable you to seamlessly leverage the latest innovations and focus on growing your business.

With our latest release, we did a deep dive on some pain points, and are delivering some quick-win solutions! We’re proud to leverage our Spring ’16 feature: Fun Can Wait™.

The 37,000 foot view

With Basecamp your team will be working together more smoothly than ever before. But to really maximize your ROI you have to keep an eye on your KPIs. It can be like herding cats to get your team to focus. Fun Can Wait™ removes the frivolity from Basecamp, and cranks up your team’s productivity up to 11!

Gone are emoji pictures and animated gif uploads. Animated gifs are a drag on your network, and your bottom line! Instead, motivate your team with inspirational passages from our New York Times bestselling business minimalist manifesto REWORK. Instead of emoji pictures, Basecamp will render the emoji’s name. The paradigm shift from figurative to literal breaks through the clutter. You’ll leverage an increased level of engagement that will surface important information, accelerate pipelines, and impact organic growth.

We’re also leveraging a new notification system: Productivity Booster™. Productivity Booster™ headlights your employees’ response times. If responses take more than 30 minutes, Basecamp will send a reminder through multiple communication channels to remind people their top priority is work!

Your employees’ vacations are ripe for disruption. Set Vacation Hours to productively manage their leisure time. Vacation Hours empower your employees to take a holistic approach to their work. At the end of the day, who wants to wait until vacation is over to catch up on work communications? Going forward, your resources can maximize their productivity, where ever they may be.

Despite these measures, some employees can still sneak momentum-losing merriment into Basecamp. That’s why we’re also adding a flag for items that are too fun. If your employees see an event, message or comment they deem too mirthful, they can flag it for a manager’s review. It’s important to give your employees leverage over each other!

Fun Can Wait™ is designed to leverage your existing technology infrastructure, so with this feature release, we’ve circled back to IE8. Who needs the latest and greatest when you can stick with what’s familiar and reliable?

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Fun Can Wait™ was synergized by the blue-sky team of Ann Goliak, Vice President of Vernacular Integration; Anton Koldaev, Vice President of Information Technology; Eileen Uchitelle, Vice President of Web Development; Jamie Dihiansan, Vice President of Graphics Design; Joan Stewart, Vice President of Resource Reassurance; Jonas Downey, Vice President of Ninja Design Hacking; Shaun Hildner, Vice President of Audio Visual Systems