Introducing “The Heartbeat” Newsletter

I’m fed up with newsletters, so I decided to create my own.

I’m not a fan of newsletters.

Many of them are full of B.S. or feel sales-y to me… especially when it comes to the topics of leadership, employee engagement, and company culture. And, compiling a million Google alerts for me to try to stay “up-to-date” on insightful reads on leadership wasn’t cutting it, either.

So, I decided to create my own. I’m calling it, “The Heartbeat” — a bi-weekly newsletter on leadership. It’s what I wish had previously existed.

Starting today, I’ll publish the The Heartbeat every other Tuesday. I’ll put together a roundup of ~10 links to pieces that I’ve found interesting and significant around leadership, employee engagement and feedback, communication, company culture, etc.

I’ll also include a short 5–10 minute interview with a CEO, business owner, or founder who I respect. I’ll ask one question that gets to the heart of how that person thinks about leading a team.

The first Heartbeat interview is with none other than Jason Fried, CEO and Co-founder of Basecamp. Jason is also on the board of Know Your Company. He originally first built the product four years ago when Know Your Company was still a part of Basecamp, before recruiting me later that year to become the CEO — so this is definitely not the first time I’ve asked Jason for leadership advice 🙂

Watch what Jason has to say in this one-question Heartbeat interview with me here:

Along with Jason’s interview, you can read the first issue of The Heartbeat here, and get a taste of what’s to come:

Some of the recent articles I’ve been reading, as shown in The Heartbeat.

Looking to follow along? Feel free to subscribe below:

I’m excited about this. It’s an itch I’ve been wanting to scratch for a while — so hopefully it’s as helpful and fun for you to read as it is for me to put together. Looking forward to sharing The Heartbeat with you!

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