Latest batch of Basecamp 3 updates (January and early February)

Hey all! 2016 is in full swing, and so are our designers and developers. We’re hard at work making Basecamp 3 better for you and you and you! You too!

Here’ a roll-up of some of the latest improvements and updates over the last few weeks.

Thanks again and here’s the latest…

  • Major new addition to Basecamp With Clients: Approvals! Read more about this new feature here.
  • You can now complete to-dos directly on reports. Before you had to click through to a to-do from a report to complete it. Much faster now and less back and forth too.
  • We’ve revamped the way you address emails to your client on the Clientside. The new design better reflects a traditional from/to design ala most email clients rather than the previous checkbox-style list we had.

A proper to: field with pills just like most email apps.
  • We’ve introduced support for the Microsoft Edge browser. This will allow people to start accessing Basecamp 3 using MS Edge 13+, which is the default browser in Windows 10. There may still be a few nits here and there, but at least people on Edge aren’t blocked anymore.
  • You can now see which platform someone is responding from when they post a comment. At the bottom of every comment you’ll see a “via…” line. Desktop, iPhone, Android, iPad, etc.

“via desktop”… “via iPhone”… etc.
  • Automatic Check-ins and Schedules now show you who will receive a notification when you submit an answer or post a comment. Before it was anyone’s guess — now it’s clear! Sorry about that.
  • We noticed that people were mistakenly publishing drafts instead of saving a new version. Problem was that the publish button was the default button when you were editing a draft, so people were clicking that button when they really meant to hit save instead. So we changed the UI around and made “Save” the primary green button and then added a blue “Post” button separately. This should cut down on inadvertent publishing significantly.

Yay for fewer mistakes!
  • A top request has been answered! Now you can view your assignments sorted by date. You can also view any one else’s assignments on the “What’s on someone’s plate?” report by date as well. This way you can see what’s coming up soon for you (or someone else) rather than just seeing everything they have assigned to them.

NEW: “Just the ones with due dates” tab.
  • Major aut0-save improvements across the board. If you’re in the middle of writing (or editing) a message, a document, a to-do, or a comment, and for whatever reason you are pulled away or your browser quits, what you’ve written won’t be lost. When you return back to it you’ll see the text right there in its place so you can pick up where you left off.
  • …plus a whole bunch of under-the-hood updates to improve reliability, stability, and speed. There always a lot of stuff that people don’t see, but they feel.

More improvements on the way. The iOS and Android apps will be updated shortly with their own batches of improvements. Android has some great improvements around notifications that should hit any day now.

Stay tuned and thanks again for using Basecamp 3! And if you’re not using it, let’s change that! Sign up for Basecamp 3 — it’s completely free to try.