March 2016 Basecamp 3 updates!

Hey all! Wow the last few months were busy for us. You too?

We’ve got a lot of new stuff to share with everyone. Everything listed below has already shipped and available in your Basecamp.

Here’s what’s new

  • Ever wish you could mark something you already read as unread again? Well now you can! And you can also turn notifications off for almost anything right from the Hey! menu as well.

Mark read as unread, and “stop notifying” right from the Hey! menu
  • The Sample Basecamp now includes a quick tour video in the lower left corner to help everyone get acquainted with the basics.
  • Huge cleanup of the Notifications Settings screen. We’ve grouped the options into three sections: What, How, and When. Now it’s much easier to see the options and understand the controls.

You can get to your Notifications Settings screen by clicking your avatar in the top right corner in Basecamp 3 and clicking the “Change notifications settings” link.
  • We’ve also made it possible to replace the numbers inside the orange unread indicators with a small orange dot. If you’re like me, I don’t like being nagged by numbers. An indication that there’s something new is enough. Now it’s much calmer around here.

You’ll see this option under the “How” heading on the Notifications Settings screen. Check the box if you want numbers, uncheck it if you just want the quieter, more peaceful dots.
  • We’ve made it simpler to turn notifications off on a thread on the iOS app. Now it’s just a single tap at the bottom of any thread. Before you had to go into a menu and deselect yourself.
  • Made composing new messages and documents friendlier on smaller laptop screens and big huge screens. The buttons no longer fall off-screen on the MacBook Air and you get a full-screen experience on a Cinema display.
  • Replaced stars with pins on Basecamps and Campfires. This update rolled out across the desktop apps and the native mobile apps as well.
  • Added two new wonderful email reports to keep you up to date every morning and once a week: 1. You can subscribe to the Daily Activity report and have all of yesterday’s activity emailed to you in a single email the next morning at 9am (to subscribe, click Latest Activity in the menu bar and look for the button top right), and 2. You can subscribe to the “What’s on my plate?” report and get all your assignments emailed to you every Monday morning at 9am (to subscribe, click the avatar menu top right, select “My assignments” in the menu, and then look for the button top right).

Summaries delivered to your inbox. In this example I’ve turned both on.
  • Made it possible to view your to-do assignments sorted by due date. Big improvement here. On the My Assignments screen you’ll see two tabs if you have any dated to-dos.

To-dos with dates are neatly grouped together, with the ones due soonest at the top.
  • Added an “applause report” that show you who’s clapped for you. You can access that from your avatar menu, then by selecting the “Who’s clapped for me?” option in the menu.
  • Shipped native apps for Mac and Windows. You can find them linked up here.
  • Shipped a brand new marketing site at which does a better job explaining what Basecamp is all about.
  • And a variety of bug fixes and performance enhancements as well. Thanks for everyone who’s helped us track down issues — Basecamp gets better every day because of your help.

April’s just around the corner. More updates to share in about a month! Thanks again for using Basecamp 3!

Not a Basecamp 3 customer yet? We forgive you. But come on — it’s time to make it easier to keep everyone on the same page about whatever it is you’re working on together. It’s entirely free to try with no time limit, too.