New in Basecamp 3: Better navigation with breadcrumbs

Ever since Basecamp 3 launched in 2016, the inside of a project has looked like this, with little cards for jumping between the tools in the project.

That worked well, but there are a couple things that weren’t so great:

  1. It took up a lot of space and visual attention, which meant less space for the work you’re doing.
  2. It didn’t include much information about where you are or what you’re looking at, which can be confusing when you arrive somewhere after clicking on a notification.

Starting today, we’ve made this better! Now you’ll see simple, old school breadcrumbs. Nothing revolutionary here–just very clear.

You’ll know exactly where you are inside a project, and can easily jump back a level or two. Here’s how it looks:

This new navigation helps you focus on your work, and it makes pages load faster too. Now you’ll have consistent way to move around, no matter which tool you’re in — you’ll see breadcrumbs in Messages, To-dos, Docs & Files, and everywhere else inside your projects.

We also kept the ability to jump between tools in a project. Just click the project’s name for a quick menu to hop where you need to go — exactly like our iOS and Android apps.

You’ll see this change right now on the desktop version of Basecamp 3.

We hope you like it. Happy navigating!

I’m a design intern at Basecamp, and this was my first project during the summer. Say hi to me on twitter 🙋