New in Basecamp 3: Flexible Automatic Check-ins

The automatic check-in is one of my favorite features to introduce to new Basecamp users. It’s such a simple idea: Ask everyone a question each day, week or month. See all the answers together. Knowing what everyone’s done that day, or what they plan to do that week, cuts down on uncertainty and saves everyone from excess meetings, but my favorite outcome would be the deeper understanding and appreciation I have when my colleagues answer a question that isn’t necessarily work-related.

Pizza burglary is one of Ann’s unique hobbies.

I feel like I know my coworkers a little more each time I find out what’s inspired them this week or even what they’re cooking. Reading their answers reminds me every week how funny, thoughtful and creative they are.

Inspiration is perishable, so we ask this every week.

Collecting ideas for what to Instacart later.

Our customers love check-ins as well and one of the most frequent requests we’ve gotten is to further customize the day and time the reminders are sent. When they were launched, Check-ins were limited to every day, or Monday/Friday. You could only ask them at the start or end of the day, which happened to be 9am or 5pm in each user’s time zone.

Previous Check-in Options

As a remote company, we know that not everyone has the same schedule. Monday and Friday might not be your starting and ending days. Now, you can pick any day and time to send a check-in to your team in Basecamp 3.

When you set up a new check-in or edit an existing one, you can choose the specific days to send the check-in:

And choose a specific time:

We also adjusted the end of the day to 4:30pm so that Basecamp won’t send the reminder as you’re heading out the door.

We hope you love this update. Check-ins are one of our favorite features and there are so many uses for it. Try one today: Replace one status meeting with a Check-in this month or ask your team something fun each week. Ask them—they won’t say no, why would they?

If you aren’t using Basecamp yet, let me ask you to sign up today for a free 30 day trial. Our team can show you the Basecamp Way or you can ask support a question to get a quick answer, 24/7.