New in Basecamp 3: Profile Cards

Over the last year, we’ve noticed an interesting trend in our team’s Basecamp: We use the Job title field in unexpected ways.

Instead of using the field how you’d expect (“iOS Designer”, “Customer Support Manager”), we use it to express a little personality, describe what we are currently working on, and let everyone know if we are out of the office.

A random sampling of our current “Job titles”

Using the Job title field to express personality or current status has become a clear “desire path” in how we use Basecamp — so we set out to pave that path for everyone.

Hello Profile Cards!

To give everyone a light-weight way to do this, we’ve added “profile cards” that appear when you click (or tap) on someone’s avatar.

The card displays that person’s job title, the current time and time zone for that person, and a new “Short bio or current status” field that you can use for any purpose you’d like (project status, funny quote, vacation schedule, etc).

You can also quickly Ping that person, see what’s on their plate, and view their recent activity. Here’s how they look:

Jonas Downey has a penchant for puns.

To change the information that appears in your profile card, click on your avatar in the upper right corner, and choose “My profile”.

Add a bio or current status on the My Profile page.

We hope you find this useful for getting to know your co-workers a little better and communicating your status!

At Basecamp, we are always looking for ways to help teams do great work (and have a little fun along the way). Your first Basecamp is completely free — so try it today, it takes just a minute to sign-up.