“Parents aren’t just parents — they’re case workers”

Adam Rosenfeld and his awesome family

Recently we asked users: ‘How do you use Highrise?’

We received a myriad of responses, but one of the themes that stood out wasn’t business related at all:

Many of our users manage personal communication and tasks at home with Highrise.

Adam expanded a bit for us on how he uses Highrise to manage his larger than average family of 10.

“Parents aren’t just parents — they’re case workers. Especially when you have almost three times as many children as your average family. That’s why the most powerful tool for me in Highrise is Cases.

For example, my wife and I used a case in Highrise to move our oldest daughter from public school to homeschooling. This required maintaining communication with teachers, the school principal, and the Ministry of Education. There were to-dos, documents, and contact information that all needed to be accessible to both my wife and I.

With the help of Highrise, our daughter is now happily advancing in her learning at home.

Besides schooling, we use cases for many other things. These include home maintenance, auto care, accounting, and even birthdays and vacations.”

And here’s another story about how Highrise cases made a messy situation much more manageable…

After a day of coworking recently, I came home and proceeded with the daily routine of getting the baby, prepping dinner, and feeding the animals. As I walked down the stairs to the cat’s dish, I stepped in what could only be described as a puddle. On our carpet. I didn’t think much of it immediately, as perhaps my husband had moved the blanket I passed drying at the foot of the stairs because it had been dripping.

I fed the cat and walked back. Couldn’t miss it. My foot soaked into the carpet again. Hmm. Uh oh. Was it wet around the corner too? Yup. All around the laundry room the carpet was very wet. The reality sank in quickly from there.

The hose for the washing machine had emptied into our laundry room instead of the intended location and soaked through the walls into our carpet in the family room. We would need to move quickly to get everything dried out and recovered before mold set in.

But… we’d been through this before with our washing machine. And good thing for us, we also use Highrise cases for important projects at home.

The last time our washing machine caused us trouble, we just bcc’d our Basement case dropbox address to ensure all communication related to vendor quotes and work done, etc ended up in Highrise. Just in case.

The clean up was no fun, but it was so much easier than the previous time. It took just a few seconds to find which contractor to call. In less than a week they had dried everything out, torn out and replaced a foot of drywall and the carpet padding, repainted, and stretched the carpet back in place. Out a bunch of money, and some inconvenience, but very little stress.

Compare that to previous incidents where we’d had service and then needed something again and had to search through our junk drawer and files to find the vendor’s card or the receipt, only to come across nothing and have to start from scratch. You think you’ll remember these details, but when something like this happens across a span of several years, and all you want to do is get everything back up and running, it’s so easy to forget.

We hope Highrise makes life easier for you too.

And thank you to Manuel Kripp, Todd Shearer, and Adam Rosenfeld for sharing what you do, and helping support Highrise. We appreciate it more than we can articulate.

We’d love to keep hearing your stories about how you use Highrise — send them over to [email protected] or please reach out on Twitter: here.