We’re looking for a marketing-focused designer to join our team

I’m Mercedes, Basecamp’s COO, and I’m leading our marketing efforts. I’m looking for a wonderful designer to lead our visual marketing team.

Designers at Basecamp are a fun bunch who bounce around different projects and do a bit of everything. In addition to graphic design, designers at Basecamp write tight copy, tell stories, design the UX for the website and marketing-related screens in the app, and write the HTML and CSS to make it all work.

While we’re thoughtful and deliberate, we move quickly and like to experiment often, so you may find yourself redesigning something you just designed. It’s all in the service of making something great! You should feel comfortable making new stuff, iterating on existing stuff, and everything in between.

This is your chance to design sites and materials that’ll be seen by millions.

Here are a few things my team worked on over the last few weeks:

  • We completely redesigned Basecamp.com around new messaging, and made the new site look and feel more like Basecamp the app.
  • We worked on a few ideas and designs for making upgrading a simpler process inside the Basecamp app. We’re a/b testing them now to see if they worked.
  • Designed a friendlier way for customers to play with a sample Basecamp and then create their own.
  • We used data to evaluate a log-in/signup issue, offered up a visual design to significantly reduce the problem, and worked with a programmer to implement the fix. We hope to roll this out soon.
  • Helped write and design emails our customers receive once they start using Basecamp.
  • Came up with an idea to help guide customers through the process of setting up a new Basecamp by asking them one simple question at a time. We designed the screens and worked with a programmer to hook them up. This will be launching shortly.

Here are some things we’d like your help with over the next few weeks, months, and years:

  • Continue improving Basecamp.com — design and a/b test a wide variety of alternate designs to see if we can improve signup rates and conversion.
  • Help us figure out the best way to help customers understand how Basecamp can improve their business.
  • Help us do a better job of explaining a variety of key features — either through visualizations, short videos, or storytelling.
  • Explore designs that speak to the different audiences that visit Basecamp.com, and make sure the site is organized to do this well.
  • Updating Basecamp.com frequently so it feels alive and fresh.
  • Support external events through focused landing pages and other collateral.
  • Lend a hand designing and redesigning our help/support materials.
  • Work on a variety of special print projects and surprises for customers.
  • Support anyone else in the business who needs visual/design help or inspiration.
  • And make sure everything we put out there looks great!

Other Considerations

This is an important role for us. Please take the time to read the following questions below before you apply. If they resonate, please apply.

  1. Do you enjoy telling stories and helping customers succeed? How can you demonstrate that?
  2. How does our product market itself? How would you blur the line between product design and marketing design?
  3. How would you use immediate feedback on how your design impacts our customers, their adoption of Basecamp and their success?
  4. Have you ever considered what the purpose of a website for a company like Basecamp should be?
  5. Are you someone who excels at getting your points across visually and succinctly? How do you do that?
  6. Do you like to see how your work can move company levers? What did you do that helped move the needle?
  7. Do you love seeing customers be successful? How do you do that?

Ready to apply?

Great! Here’s a couple more things you should know:

  1. You can work remotely for this job. I am based in CA. We just need to make sure we have some working schedule overlap. Working remotely is just one of our many our many benefits. Our CEO, Jason Fried, recently wrote about those benefits.
  2. We have a long standing history of favoring candidates who put in extra effort into their applications. Whether that’s a video of you introducing yourself or making us a custom website — that’s up to you. We want to know you’re qualified, but more importantly that you want this job and not just any job. Tell us why Basecamp.
  3. When you’re ready, you can apply by sending an email to [email protected] with the word DESIGNER in the subject. We’ll be accepting applications through May 1, and reviewing them on a rolling basis. If this role isn’t right for you, but you know someone who’d be perfect for the role, please share this posting with them.

Good Luck!