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Building of Basecamp IV: January 27, 2005 in Seattle

10 Dec 2004 by Jason Fried

Announcing the Building of Basecamp IV Workshop in Seattle, WA on Thursday, January 27, 2005.

40 spots are available and the first three workshops (2 in Chicago, 1 in San Francisco) sold out, so if you’re interested sign up now. We probably won’t be back on the west coast until summer or fall of 2005. The workshop will be held at Top of the Market at 93 Pike Street in the heart of the Pike Place Market. The space has an especially great view of Elliot Bay.

Check out photos and reviews of past Building of Basecamp workshops. We look forward to seeing you in Seattle on January 27th.

Here’s the agenda:

The small picture
So how did we start?
The Mantras and saying No early and often
From ideas to features
From features to screens
From screens to programming
From programming to user testing
On to promotion and launch
But launch is just the beginning
Support is a good headache
Our mistakes

10 comments so far (Post a Comment)

10 Dec 2004 | Matthew Oliphant said...

Dang it. I was planning on leaving Seattle after the Blog Business Summit the day before this happens. Foiled again!

10 Dec 2004 | Ryan C. said...

And I thought I missed out this year by not making it to the SF workshop! I'm about 2 hours from Seattle... I might just have to attend. Just need to work it into that damned schedule..

10 Dec 2004 | Chris from Scottsdale said...

Have you thought about Phoenix?

10 Dec 2004 | Jarkko Laine said...

Dammit, guys, why can't David ever talk you into crossing the ocean? Well, I guess I just have to wait and see :)

10 Dec 2004 | jarv75 said...

Take the missus for a long weekend (suggest Seattle would be nice in January). We went over to the Chicago workshop from the UK and it worked well, although we should have spent longer out there. I also got a client to make a donation, if you ask you might just be suprised.

11 Dec 2004 | Hunter said...

Las Vegas?

Lots of hotels/places to do it. Easy airport access. Great food choices...

16 Dec 2004 | Michael Bernstein said...

Hunter, I tried to get them to Las Vegas for Apachecon last month, but didn't know what the real requirements were for choosing a location until far too late. Here is the secret requirement: Find ~40 people who want to pay to attend and will say so.

At $400 a pop, that's a tough proposition here in Vegas. Contact me if you want to try and coordinate an attempt to get them here.

18 Dec 2004 | Marten Veldthuis said...

Second that. Please, after four BoBs in the US you really have to stop ignoring us Europeans. Come over here, you're very welcome... :)

18 Dec 2004 | JF said...

Marten, we're looking towards London or Copenhagen in the summer. It's mostly a venue question right now. And we'll have to charge a little more (the dollar SUCKS right now). But we're thinking of ya!

28 Dec 2004 | Sean said...

How about coming out to the East coast? Preferrably in the Washington, D.C. area -- we have many Zope/Python developers who are also interested in Ruby on Rails and would love to attend your seminar. Also, the IT gov't contractors are always looking for something to make their lives easier. You could easily sell 40 seats near D.C.

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