Backpack Blackberry Hack Jason 09 Nov 2005

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Dave Mabe and O’Reilly were kind enough to allow us to share the chapter on “Using Backpack as Your Mobile Workspace” (PDF) from the Blackberry Hacks book. If you’re a Blackberry fan you’ll love this book. Check it out.

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Matt 09 Nov 05

Blackberry? More like Crackberry, am I right?

Jake 09 Nov 05

Ha ha ha! That’s a good one!

Tom 09 Nov 05

If only Backpack worked with all Blackberries. Those of us with a 7100 series (and that’s a lot of us) are SOL since 37S isn’t planning on fixing the problem that prevents WAP browsers from logging onto Backpack Mobile (though I can use Flickr Mobile and Plaxo Mobile just fine). Seeing this post only serves to remind me of how sometimes, “less is less.”

Mark 09 Nov 05

Of course this isn’t only limited to the Blackberry. One of the reasons I recently purchased a T-Mobile Sidekick II was that I could integrate it into my Backpack usage. My Backpack email addresses go in my address book and I can update my Backpack with anything that comes to mind while I’m on the train to and from work.

TIP: Unlike the Blackberry, the Sidekick doesn’t support “corporate email.” If you’re looking at one and would like to check your work email off an Exchange or Notes/Domino server, set them up to copy everything to your Gmail account. You can filter those messages out of your Inbox in your Gmail view on the web and your Sidekick will still download everything via POP.

You can set up a second Gmail account with your work address as the From and Reply-to and set the Sidekick to not check that account. Now you can send from your Sidekick via Gmail as if you were sending from your work email.

rob poitras 09 Nov 05

Well at least with the 7100t I can login to basecamp and use most functions.

Mark 09 Nov 05

Backpack Mobile? The book excerpt describes emailing to your Backpack addresses, and having reminders sent to your device… I wouldn’t expect all the client-side functionality of Backpack to work on WAP, and wouldn’t want the overhead of doing so.

Mark 09 Nov 05

Ahh.. /mob. Works on the Sidekick II. Learn something new every day!

Ed Knittel 09 Nov 05

I hadn’t signed up for an account prior to this but when I read about the Blackberry Hacks I thought, “surly this should work on my MPX200 Windows Smartphone” since it’s WAP enabled.

So now reminders can be sent as text messages (for which all incoming text messages are free) and if I ever need/want to access my Backpack account (like to set a reminder) I can do so through IE.

And did I miss something or is it not possible to email a reminder to my Backpack account?

JF 09 Nov 05

And did I miss something or is it not possible to email a reminder to my Backpack account?

Coming soon.

thomas lackner 09 Nov 05

This is a good trend. I die a slow death every time I want to manipulate our corporate Basecamp and I’m only on my BB. More BB-friendly 37S projects!