A live tour of how Basecamp uses Basecamp to run Basecamp

David and I spent nearly 2-hours giving a livestream tour of our very own Basecamp account. We wanted to show you how Basecamp uses Basecamp to run projects, communicate internally, share announcements, know what everyone’s working on, build software, keep up socially, and a whole bunch more. Our entire company runs on Basecamp, and this video shows you how.

12 thoughts on “A live tour of how Basecamp uses Basecamp to run Basecamp

  1. I really enjoyed this, thanks! Quick question, since I’ve always complained about all these information silos you wind up with (email, Salesforce, issue tracking systems, SharePoint, Teams, etc.): what do you actually use email for, and how do you keep those meaty conversations out of email?

    1. Thanks. We don’t use email for inside-Basecamp work at all. Every discussion, announcement, deliberation, debate, decision, and conversation we have is in Basecamp.

      We use email for communicating with the outside world. Vendors, accountants, lawyers, partners, the press, customers, etc.

  2. Thanks for sharing Jason & David. And while it’s common sense to share an example of how a real company uses a platform to do their work – it is surprisingly rare to see people do that. Thank you again.

  3. Loved the presentation. A good complement to ShapeUp. It’s nice to have contextual examples. Not just feature list but “how we use it in our context”

    I wanted to mention that it made me think about what the guys at roamresearch.com are doing.
    Bit less open, a bit more structured obviously.
    But when you showed
    – project
    – team
    – check-ins
    and then the view per person, or the activity view,
    you get to consume the information in a manner that is practical

    I think you really strike a good compromise by having a “generic” tool (everything commentable, little structure, lots of high level concept – project, team, todo) and a great process/culture using it.


  4. Really great guys! Thank you for taking the time to show us inside your world. It helps me think through how we can use Basecamp better as a company!

  5. Thanks for this incredible tool en your time to show is this way. Love it for years now as out central hub (and still learned some new things).

  6. Thanks for showing around Basecamp, Jason & DHH.

    Just curious, why aren’t threaded comments available?

  7. This was illuminating. Teams vs. projects and how seriously you take pitches especially. One problem we’ll have is that a pitch comes through when people aren’t ready for it, and it gets neglected. What kind of pre-pitch discussion happens so people are primed for it? Are the week-ahead/day-in-review answers enough?

  8. This was very helpful. I work for a non-profit that is using Basecamp. My question is this – how can we merge two projects or two teams together? If we created something that we want to change, I’m not finding an easy way to move folders or entire projects into a different existing folder. Thanks.

  9. So incredibly helpful, THANK YOU!

    The Hill Charts are a game changer. As is the ability to automatically import events. (Why I left Basecamp, the 1st time, a decade ago.)

    Excited to read _Shape Up_ now!

    Much love,

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