Down in front!

Doug gets it, most don’t.

Look around YouTube at car reviews, and you’ll see a lot of people standing in front of cars. Below I’ve snapped captures of early frames in six car reviews. These represent the first time the car is shown whole, in profile.

Who’s on review here? The car reviewer or the car? Get out of the way people!

Take it from Doug DeMuro. His reviews always start with him standing behind the car. The car is in full view, in all its glory, at center stage. Doug comes second — he understands what the viewer is there for.

Doug in the background. Car in the foreground. Doug gets it.

7 thoughts on “Down in front!

  1. Ego is the enemy!

    It’s natural for us humans to want to make it “all about us,” but it’s an inclination product people need to fight.

  2. And that’s why Doug has over 2M subscribers while the others didn’t even touch a million.

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