Kara Swisher and I shoot the shit (and some sacred cows)

Last week I was in NY to record a podcast with Kara Swisher of Recode. I’ve been reading and watching Kara for years, so it was a distinct thrill to finally get to sit opposite her and talk tech, business, VC, why it doesn’t have to be crazy at work, and a variety of other topics. We covered a ton, and it was a fun conversation.

You can listen to the full podcast here. You’ll also find an intro article as well as a lightly edited transcript for the roughly one hour conversation. Hope you dig.

And BTW, if you didn’t know, we have our own podcast called The REWORK Podcast. We record new episodes every two weeks, and sometimes hit with a bonus episode on off weeks. We hope you’ll listen in there as well.

One thought on “Kara Swisher and I shoot the shit (and some sacred cows)

  1. Completely unrelated to the post, but relevant to the blog.

    The titles in this new theme are weirding me out a bit with the words being too close and making my brain halt while reading to triple check. Have you tried this for `h1` instead?:

    letter-spacing: -0.01em; /* currently at -0.06em */
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    I think that makes it more readable without sacrificing sentence width.

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