Since our company is itself our most important product, we keep tweaking, experimenting, and – hopefully! – improving the organizational software that makes it run.

Here’s an example of how we refine our process at Basecamp:

Process change posted to our What Works project in Basecamp.

That change then got codified as an update to our How We Work guide in the Basecamp Employee Handbook.

One thought on “Kickoffs!

  1. It’s so refreshing to read your work. Much like my first experience in Basecamp where I had this, “THIS IS HOW WORK GETS DONE!!” moment. (You know, I need to write my own blog post on that experience.) What’s more frustrating though is after proving that running on basecamp was less stressful and more effective, the owner I report to still refused to change and adopt it. Which is why I’m looking for my next gig…one can only manage upwards so long. I would love if your customers shared that they use basecamp to one central list because those are all of the places I want work! I’ll drop everything and move my family to work and sweat with anyone running their business on basecamp. I loath a day wasted in emails and broken communication. Sorry for the random rant, in short I suppose I just want to say thank you for fixing something so fundamentally broken.

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