Shape Up with Ryan Singer

Earlier this month, Basecamp released a new book by Ryan Singer, the head of strategy. Shape Up: Stop Running in Circles and Ship Work that Matters is a “spiritual follow-up” to Getting Real, Jason and David’s 2006 guide to how product development happens at Basecamp. In Shape Up, Ryan goes deep into how small teams get great work done in six-week cycles without sprints, Post-it Notes, stand-up meetings, backlogs, or long hours.

Ryan sits down with the Rework podcast to talk about some of the major themes in Shape Up and how the book came together as its own product.

Next week, we’ll bring you a roundtable discussion between Ryan, a designer, and a programmer at Basecamp to go deeper into the process described in Shape Up. Be sure to subscribe to Rework in Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Play Music, or your favorite podcast app so that you get the episode as soon as it’s released!

5 thoughts on “Shape Up with Ryan Singer

  1. Is the book available on the amazon kindle store? I can’t seem to find it on the Australian amazon kindle store

    1. It’s web-only for now, but we’re looking into releasing the book in other formats down the road!

  2. +1

    Yes, please release it in another form! It is very hard to read on the screen. Kindle! Yes! Thanks


  3. Reading all these comments about “other format please” I’d like to point out how freakin’ useful it has been to me and the team I’m working with to be able and reference and link to particuler chapters on the web version of the book. It’s something I’ll be coming back to a lot – dofferent parts at different times – and referencing to many people to come. You just can’t do that with a physical book or even eBook or PDF. Good job on the format for what the book is actually trying to be, I believe.

  4. Not sure best form to get a question in for Ryan, but would love to hear more about how/if they do user testing in this methodology. We’re trying to take elements of the Shape Up method into our design process, but our company has a research team and trying to figure out how they fit.

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