Jane Yang is our new data analyst

We received over 700 applications to the opening for a data analyst at Basecamp last Fall. There were a lot of qualified candidates, but in the end it was Jane Yang who bubbled to the top, and this month we were thrilled to welcome her to the team.

It’s probably not a big secret that we don’t hire often at Basecamp. In fact, we have zero open positions at the moment, and we’re still happy with our self-imposed hiring freeze too. So when we do hire someone, it’s kinda a big deal for us.

That’s also why we’ve put such a dedicated effort into attracting a much broader pool of applicants than we did in the early years of the company. When people of different backgrounds and perspectives work together, we make better decisions and better software.

Jane’s background for the last several years has been in the non-profit sector, doing strategy & research at One Acre Fund and analytics at IFF. She worked for many years in Nairobi, Kenya, but has now returned to the US. Before that, she worked at Deloitte Consulting and graduated from Princeton.

This is a perfect background for us as we’re getting more serious about charity at Basecamp recently. In addition to matching employee donations, we’re also working on a project inspired by Patagonia’s 1% for the Planet pledge. Jane brings a lot of experience from the non-profit world to give us another boost on that account.

Because, as we wrote in the job opening, running the numbers at Basecamp, as Jane will be doing, is not about squeezing every metric until it squeals more, more, MORE. Data informs us, educates us, but it does not run us. We make decisions at Basecamp on a much broader base than just “shareholder value”.

We already have enough. We’re not chasing exponential growth. There’s no quest to dominate, capture, or own everything and everyone. Data analysis is here to help us get better, wiser, kinder. Not greedier, not more extractive.

With all that: Welcome Jane!

5 thoughts on “Jane Yang is our new data analyst

  1. Oh, my gosh. We have the same name. Also, my major is data analysis too. I am a senior student and graduate at June, and I am looking for a job now😂😂😂

  2. Congrats Jane! One Acre Fund is one of the high impact charities we promote.

    @David – On the charity front, check out Pledge 1% – https://pledge1percent.org/ – a model similar to One for the Planet which our company uses. Happy to provide more info if you are interested.

  3. Awww happy for Jane! Also loved the post. Especially the part about not trying to grow for no reason or be greedy. When you have what you need, just coast! Too many businesses are trying to outdo all the time. Yeah, grow, but know when it’s enough and take care of the employees and customers you already have!



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