Are you exhausting all your potential revenue streams?

We stalled launching our Job Board for a while because we felt we had bigger fish to fry. Once we got around to it, we couldn’t believe we had waited so long. It was easy to set up, a great resource for our community, and has generated lots of cash for the company.

There’s more than one way to skin the revenue cat:

If you sell web software, you can also write a book. Or put on a conference.

If you’re a design firm, you can also sell jewel case packaging. Or start an ad network.

If you’re a site that collects funny videos, you can also sell tee shirts.

If you’re a popular local blog, you can operate a flea market.

If you’re a computer company, you can reinvent the music business.


Your self-imposed limitations on how to make money are often just that: self-imposed. Seek out other routes to your destination.

It’s one of the big advantages that small, agile companies have. They can experiment and change directions quickly. Plus, multiple revenue streams help you diversify so all your eggs aren’t in one basket.

Do you have an example of a company that has come up with an interesting or unorthodox way to make money on the side? Tell us about it in the comments.