Even though we don’t see each other everyday, our team still manages to trade normal water cooler conversation. Part of that is recommending products we use each day and trading our reviews in Campfire. Here’s a few we’ve all been enjoying:

Jason and Sam love their Jiffy clothes steamer because it makes them feel like they work in a very small dry cleaner.

If we’re in the office, we can’t avoid a walk over to Sip for a coffee fix. The rest of the time Jason and I consume large quantities of Sprite Zero.

After David and Jason got their AppleTV’s, I was convinced. Then I convinced Jeff, and we’re all quite happy.

Jeremy loves his masticating juicer and says it works better than any centrifugal juicer. Jason loves his Omega juicer, too. Jamis and Mark are on the fence in their juicer quest.

A few of us are excited about the release of Fitbit in a few months!

Now that Jeremy is working while standing up just like Jamis, he picked up an anti-fatigue mat after I recommended one. Unfortunately, he hates it. (Whoops!)

We all have company cards, but most of us are also using American Express for our personal accounts.

Jamis. Loves. His. Bandsaw!

Jason bought this simple sound machine after I mentioned how obsessed with it I am.

Jason, Jeremy and I are big Calexico fans. Sam and I are loving an album by Beruit and the Darjeeling Limited soundtrack. (Though my favorite work music is the soundtrack to Little Miss Sunshine!)

Big up to our friends at West Loop Gym where a few Signals and Coudals are happy members.

We’re also customers of the awesome Irv & Shelly’s Fresh Picks. Highly recommended if you’re in the Chicagoland area.