It’s rare that you find people singing the praises of lawyers, so I thought it’s worth calling out a great experience I’ve recently had with one.

His name is Kent Novit and he does real estate law and contracts in Chicago. Kent is different for a number of reasons. First of all, he has a flat fee. It used to be $500 per transaction, but he recently lowered it to $450 (when does that ever happen?!).

Second, because of the flat fee, he never wastes any time. All conversations on the phone with him are short and to the point. He’s always happy to explain things if you ask for them specifically, but usually it’s Just The Business. Love it.

Third, he’s always available to help. Even if it’s slightly outside his area or responsibility. The focus is on getting the deal done as smoothly as possible.

Three cheers to Kent Novit. If you’re buying real estate in Chicago and especially if you’re going it alone, then you really should be using Kent.

I understand that most legal matters are more complicated than that of real estate contracts, but it’s still a refreshing experience to see what dealing with legal matters can also be like.