Car companies go to great lengths to hide new models from from the public (or car paparazzi) during road testing. They’ve gotta drive the cars, but they don’t want to give away their designs too early.

Car camouflage used to be handled with wraps, fake bodies, or fake pieces attached to the actual body. Like:

But lately I’ve noticed more companies using swirly decals or geometric stickers to mask the shape. Check these out:

I would assume once cars get deeper into the testing phase, and aerodynamics, wind noise, and overall ride quality need to be fined tuned, the bulky camp comes off and the swirly surface decals come on. But it does seem like the swirls are new in the last few years.

I wonder who’s behind them (since the same patterns are apparently used by different brands). Which company or inventor is the king of car camo?

(images from WorldCarFans).