We’ve talked here before about the benefits of a monthly recurring revenue model. With one-off selling, the customer pays you once and then you’re back at square one. But get them to subscribe and you get a steady drip of revenue.

Now obviously not every business can go with this model. But it’s worth asking yourself if there’s a creative way to get people paying you every month.

For example, nAscent’s Art Taster’s Circle offers up art subscriptions [via UD]. You pick a piece, they come and install it in your home. If/when you decide you’re ready for a change, they’ll come and replace it with another piece of your choosing. If you decide to go ahead and buy a piece, part of your monthly fee goes toward the purchase. No idea how large a market there is for this, but good for nAscent for experimenting with a new model.

You can sell bacon. Or you can start a Bacon of the Month Club. You can sell wine. Or you can offer a Monthly Wine Club. You can rent one movie at a time. Or you can be Netflix. Here’s a list of dozens of other things you can get by monthly subscription.

Any other interesting monthly subscription models out there that you know of?