Jumping to a specific part of a long podcast (or other long audio/video file) can be a challenge on your iPhone. The controls work fine for a five minute song but lose accuracy when it’s an hourlong file.

This complainer explains: “For hour-plus podcasts, it’s absolutely ridiculous that you have a scrollbar that’s roughly half the vertical width of the iPhone. Every miniscule tick that the slider moves is 2-3 minutes! When you want to rewind 20 seconds or so, this is absolutely unacceptable.”

Turns out there’s a neat solution: Instead of going left/right, 1) touch the slider, 2) drag your finger down, and 3) then move it left or right. This lets you move the scroller with “fine point” precision and allows you to fast forward or rewind to just the right spot.

[via 16 Tips to Take Your iPhone to the Next Level]