Last week our whole company got together. We try to do this a few times a year. We fly everyone in and all spend a few days together in Chicago. We share what we’re working on, we talk, we debate, we review, we get some work done, and we have some fun.

Usually we reserve one of the nights to all go out to dinner together, but this time we decided to host some of our Chicago-based customers at a party at our office instead. We invited about 50 customers – some new, some old – and all hung out for a few hours. We met, exchanged ideas, fielded feature requests, and just got to know each other. Everyone had a great time. Thanks to everyone who came.

We put together a little video to share.

Special thanks to Steve Dale from Gyro, Jimmy Spencer Jr. from Love Without Agenda, Ray Hightower from Wisdom Group, Ben Greiner from Forget Computers, and Michael Carney from MWC Accounting for taking some extra time to be interviewed on camera.