Working US hours from Europe has flipped my day. Mornings are now for leisure and evenings for working. This completely changes what that leisure time is spent on.

Most days I work from 1pm to 9pm here in Spain, which translates to 6am to 2pm Chicago time. That gives me all the time before lunch to enjoy the light of day and all the activities that encourages. I find myself more interested in working out, more eager to read books, and generally infused with more energy for both physical and mental activities.

It also gives me a couple of quiet hours of working time before the programmers and designers on US time checkin from somewhere around 8:30am to 10am. Completely uninterrupted periods where both Campfire, IM, and email is quiet.

Compared to working a regular 9-5 US schedule, the difference is stark. On that schedule, I spend more of my evenings consuming passive media like shows or movies and there’s much less energy available for physical activity.

While I’m sure biorhythms and productive hours differ vastly from person to person, I’d be surprised if there weren’t plenty of people just like me who’d benefit from flipping the day. Working US hours from Europe seems to be the easiest way to make that happen.