Basecamp is pitched as a project management tool, but it’s super useful in a variety of other applications, too.

Projects aren’t just things with beginning and ends. Sometimes, a project is perpetual activity – something that starts but continues instead of ends. At 37signals we have a number of never-ending projects in Basecamp including a company “Newsroom” where we post and discuss company-wide announcements.

A project as a collection of inspiration

We started a Basecamp project to be the definitive place for designers at 37signals to share inspirational things they’ve run across. It could be great copywriting, a fantastic advertisement, an interesting animation, a beautiful object, whatever – if it inspires one of us we want to share it with all of us.

We keep these things in our Designers Clubhouse project. It’s a little project for our design team to share the things we see that make us go “wow”.

Internal discussion, too

A few weeks ago Mig was putting a presentation together about the design culture at 37signals, so he posted a message in the project asking each of us a series of questions. We all responded with individual comments, and now all that feedback is gathered up in a single place, centralized and stored forever. Imagine having to keep all these answers as separate emails… What a mess! Basecamp cleans things up and keeps it all together.

Follow along with our Designers Clubhouse project

We’ve made the Designers Clubhouse project public so anyone can follow along. It’s a living, breathing project so check back often to see what we’re sharing.

Want to start your own collection project?

If you don’t have a Basecamp account, sign up today for a free 45-day unlimited trial. Take it for a spin, start up a few projects, and see just how creative you can be.