Gregory Maher writes:

I was just checking out some gear on the Orvis Web site and found this interesting feature. When checking out, you can round up your purchase for charity. Orvis will quadruple your offering making a donation to the McCloud River Redband Trout. Pretty neat.

30 second portfolio
30 secs
Tim Van Damme writes:

When you arrive at The Consult’s homepage, you’ll see a link in the top right corner saying “Short on time? View our 30 second portfolio”. My first reaction was: “I’m always short on time, and I am indeed interested in getting a quick overview of your work!”.

Des Traynor writes:

Found a screenshot that is the antithesis of Simplicity…

Is there ever, EVER an excuse for a dialog like this (taken from Windows Vista).

You’d think after the joke that was the XP Puppy Search, they might put more effort into these dialogs. (Note: I’m pretty sure this isn’t default search prompt, but thats still no excuse.)

quizlet (sm)
Andrew Sutherland writes:

From Quizlet, a site for learning vocabulary…The cool part of this page (click image for full screen) is the Accents bar – you click on the input box you want the accent in, then click on an accent button, and it gets inserted. It’s very handy for people who are studying foreign languages but don’t know the keyboard combinations required for accented characters. Also, the accent bar slides to each input box you click on, so it is always close at hand.