Today we officially launch Basecamp Breeze, the simplest way for small groups to stay in touch via email. Check it out.

Breeze gives your group a permanent, easy to remember email address (like [email protected]) so anyone in the group can reach the entire group without having to remember a bunch of individual email addresses.

The Breeze backstory

Most people are part of a small group.

Maybe it’s a book club or a church group or a trivia team. Or maybe you’re on a softball team. Or maybe your kid plays little league.

Or maybe you have a team of mentors you often ask for advice. Or if you live in a condo, you’re part of a condo association.

Maybe your company has a board of directors. That board is a small group. Maybe you run a small company – your staff is a small group. Or if you’re a teacher, your classroom is a group.

And everyone has a family. Some larger than others, but all are small groups.

Small groups love email

Small groups usually use email to keep in touch. Email is the universal constant of communication. Everyone you communicate with has an email address. There’s no adoption curve, nothing complex. Even your grandmother has email.

But email has two flaws when it comes to groups

If you use email to communicate with your group, you’re probably intimately familiar with these two flaws:

  1. You have to remember each person’s email address every time you want to make an announcement or start a group discussion. This means people get left out by accident.
  2. If someone doesn’t “reply-all” when responding to a group email with multiple email addresses, then it all falls apart. People miss messages.

Something better, please

There’s got to be a better way. But it can’t be complicated. It can’t be “software”. It can’t be something people in your group have to sign up for or log in to. It can’t be hard to set up. And it can’t be hard to maintain.

Tools like Google Groups and Yahoo Groups are great on paper, but they’re often a hassle to set up and even messier to maintain. These tools are getting more complicated over time, not simpler. Check out this comparison.

This is why we built Basecamp Breeze

Breeze eliminates the two key flaws of group email. With Breeze, no one in the group has to remember everyone’s personal email address. And no one has to worry about someone forgetting to “reply-all” because any reply to the group email address automatically goes to everyone in the group. Simple. It always works. Nothing new to learn.

If you can use email, you can use Breeze. And that goes for everyone in your group.

A Breeze email address for your group only cost $10, one time. Pay once, and use it with your group of up to 50 people without ever having to pay again.

We think you’ll find Breeze incredibly useful. Let us know how you end up using it. Thanks!