I’m tired of hearing “Android seems cool, but the apps just don’t have that same polish as iOS ones.” Yes, there are duds on Google Play (their App Store). But there are duds in Apple’s App Store too. Here are some Android apps I’ve been using that feel “as good as iOS”

Google Music. Google Music’s All Access (their new all you can eat music subscription service) is really nice. I love how my uploaded music lives in the same Library as their store’s music. Radio feature is great. Search, of course, is pretty good too.

Flickr. They made a splash last week with their web app redesign. The new Android app design brings it up to the same level as their iOS app. It’s very nice.

Pocket Casts. When I’m not using Google Music I’m using Pocket Casts. If you like listening to Neil deGrasse Tyson’s voice, this is the app for you.

Press. I’m an RSS guy. I know that’s not cool anymore. I’m sad about Google Reader. I use Press every day to catch up on interesting stories across the web. Really nice app.

DashClock Widget. Android’s nice because you can run apps on the lock screen. DashClock gives me information without having to drill into apps.

Facebook Messenger. I like chatheads. It’s replaced my SMS app.

Google Chrome. Chrome is smooth. The funny thing is, when you’re viewing a website Chrome’s browser chrome goes away. Google depends on the web, so it makes sense that their browser is top notch.

Google Now. I use Google Now many times a day.

Twitter. There’s no reason to download a 3rd party client. The official app is great.

The Verge. When RSS goes away I don’t have to worry. I check The Verge app daily. For entertainment I read the comments. Their commenters aren’t as fun as ours though.

I’ve showed you some of the “polished” Android apps I use every day. Did I miss anything?