The funny copy for Slimmy explains it is not for people with a “George Castanza wallet.”

STYLE WARNING: This wallet is not a magic trick.

If you have a “George Castanza wallet,” with over 10 credit cards, pictures of distant relatives, and 5 years of financial records, you WILL NOT be able to magically conceal the same contents in the Slimmy.

The Slimmy experience is about security, comfort and minimalism. Carry only what you need so that you are less exposed to theft, less emcumbered, and look better…

A Slimmy can help, but you have to want to change.

The Mosso Story talks about how the company’s founders decided to scratch their own itch.

We were a two-man operation: a graphic artist and a web developer. Everyone said that for the sites we wanted to create, we really needed to get our own server and spend the time to manage it. But to us, that was as crazy as saying that to sell t-shirts online, we had to spend our time driving a Mack truck doing the deliveries. There had to be a better way to host our projects. Right?

We started Mosso because we knew there were others like us: other web agencies who wanted to promise their clients that their websites and email would work—always work—without being the ones responsible for all the technology.

How much story is there to a bottle of water? Antipodes water explains the idea behind its H2O.

First we wanted to source one of the world’s purest waters. It was a mystery to us why much of the bottled water in New Zealand was being shipped in from Europe – one of the most industrialised continents on Earth.

In contrast, Antipodes is sourced from one of the least populated countries on Earth and in a place renowned for pure water, Antipodes is rated as the purest.

Next we wanted to create the perfect sparkling water to compliment well crafted food and wine. To achieve this we added a fine bead.

Finally we wanted it to look good. It didn’t have to stand out on a supermarket shelf, because it would never be on one. We didn’t want it to stand out on a restaurant table either – even though it would most certainly be on one. We wanted it to compliment a table setting rather than dominate it. We believe the heroes of the table should be the wine and food, not the water bottle.

So we kept the bottle short and fat and we kept it clean and simple. We wanted it to look as pure on the outside as it in fact was on the inside.

That’s basically the story of us and the water – everything else is just bookkeeping.