Highrise allows you to create tasks via email. The iPhone (and most smart phones, for that matter) allow you to send email. This is a good fit.

Here’s how I’ve set up my Address Book and iPhone to make this process as easy as possible.

Set up the Address Book

On my Mac I set up a group in the Address Book called “Highrise.” In that group I add individual entries for all my Highrise Task dropboxes.

Sync the “Highrise” group

In iTunes you can sync all your contacts or just sync specific groups. I have my set up just to sync specific groups. The “Highrise” group is one of them.

Check the iPhone Contacts app

If you’ve synced Address Book Groups you’ll see a “Groups” button in the top left corner of your iPhone Contacts App. Click it to get to the list of your groups. Then click the “Highrise” group to see the entries you just synced.

Select the task dropbox

Click one of the Highrise Task dropbox contacts. Then click the email address that shows up.

Send your task via email

The iPhone email app opens up. Enter your task on the subject and click Send.

Your Task is now in Highrise

And there it is. You can edit it if you want to change the text, add a time, add a category, or assign it to someone else in your company.

I’ve been using this all the time and it’s worked great for me. I hope you find it useful as well. You can also create tasks by forwarding emails by using the dropbox+slot email address format instead of the task+slot format.