Typography.com knockout
Typography.com has a smart way of showing off fonts. They show them in context with multiple layouts instead of just the standard ABCDEF or “quick brown fox” treatment. Knockout is one example.

The “H&FJ Suggests…” feature at the bottom of the screen is a nice way to suggest font pairings too. Kinda like a sommelier but for fonts (typolier?).

Catalog Choice
catalog choice
Under assault from Pottery Barn catalogs? Then check out the clear copy and design at Catalog Choice, a free service that lets you opt-out of unwanted catalogs.

A different looking tumblelog tumblr layout
Paul Giacherio’s tumblelog offers a griddy layout.

100 To-dos
100 todos
A very, um, thorough life to-do list. From the new book “To-Do List: From Buying Milk to Finding a Soul Mate, What Our Lists Reveal About Us”. (Inspired? Get your list on with Backpack or Ta-Da List.)

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