A few days ago we introduced a couple new features to the Job Board and Gig Board.

Attach your logo to a job

You can now upload your logo when you post a job. Adding your logo is entirely optional, but it’s a nice touch if you have one handy.

Highlight your job post

Highlighted job posts have a yellow background and green border. Depending on demand we may have to increase the price, but as of today it’s $25 extra to highlight your job.


Job postings uses to be single paragraphs but now you can enter multiple paragraphs. We’ve also relaxed the 1000 character limit so you can post longer job ads if you’d like (although we believe concise, to-the-point job ads are more effective).

We hope you find the changes valuable. Now go get or go post a job!

Special thanks to Jeff for doing a great job on this project.