Color me not surprised: The MacBook Air seems to be selling really well for Apple. So says a report from Ars Technica that quotes retail anecdotes from Apple stores, Best Buy, quoting Amazon lead times, and noting:

The MacBook Air has been the top selling Mac since before the middle of February, outselling the MacBook, the iMac, and the MacBook Pro—this, despite week-long shipping delays.

Geeks have a tendency to drastically overestimate the value of extendability, number of ports, and benchmarks while drastically underestimate the value of design, feel, and convenience as perceived by regular people. This would seem a case in point.

I’ve now used the Air for over a month and so has my girlfriend. Neither of us have ever been annoyed by any of the perceived shortcomings, but we’ve both been thrilled and continue to be so by the advantages.

If you’re on the fence, I’d heartily encourage you to jump on board. I highly doubt you’ll be disappointed. You can see availability for your state on the Apple site.

(Now Apple, where’s my kickback :)?)