Almost two months ago, I decided that I wanted to try working standing up, rather than sitting down. When sitting in my comfortable, reclining office chair, my posture was terrible, my attention span was narrowing rapidly, and I was constantly battling fatigue. After looking around online a bit, it sounded like standing was the way to go.

So I propped my keyboard and mouse up on a few encyclopedias and gave it a go. The first week was rough on my feet and legs, which ached constantly. I kept a bar stool handy for resting periodically on, but I really tried to stand at least 80% of the time. After that first week, though, things improved rapidly.

My attention span improved, too. I noticed an immediate increase in my ability to focus on a problem for longer, and with greater clarity. When I was blocked by some problem, I was able to just walk away from the desk, whereas before the effort of getting up from my chair often made me prefer to just sit and stew in my frustration.

stand-up deskSo now, nearly two months later, I am able to replace my book-stack keyboard platform with a real stand-up desk, and I love it. When I was shopping around for a new desk, I quickly realized that I didn’t want stainless steel or plastic. I wanted wood, being the xylophile that I am. And of all the places that sold wooden stand-up desks, (the web outlet for Amish Country Furniture Sales) was the most compelling. I purchased a 4-foot-wide variant of this computer desk, and am very pleased with it so far (it just arrived yesterday). The workmanship is top-notch, and I love its simple elegance.