Sean Iams writes:

Very cool feature on Facebook: When you’re typing a message, and you happen to include a valid link (i.e. http://www.37signals.com) in the body, Facebook automatically looks up the site and pulls back a description and a list of images that help explain the site. You then have the option to send the message with the image + description as an attachment or send the message without any attachment. It drastically clarifies the message with no additional effort whatsoever. Quick, simple, and easy :)


Matt Douglas at MyPunchBowl writes:

Thought you would be interested in this “pure design” feature. On MyPunchbowl.com (party planning site), users choose a party theme. Like most sites, you can choose by category and search by terms.

However, MyPunchbowl also has the ability to search by color—so if you’re looking for a red based theme, you can find it easily. You know what? Men seem to not care about this feature, but female users LOVE IT.

my punchbowl

Ian Leckie writes:

Just got this email from Nashbar. What a great way to handle a technology problem that affected some of their customer’s experience with them…. love the “OOPS” coupon code too ;-)


Quest Diagnostics
Quest Diagnostics mails you an invoice and then has you pay at its site. They use arrows to show you exactly where the information you need to submit is on the invoice.


A smart little detail at Bearskinrug: The main points of the article have anchors for linkability.


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