Brad writes:

I’m curious what your policy is for public communication among employees of your company, particularly posting on the SvN blog. Can anyone come up with an idea and post it? Are there written guidelines? Spoken guidelines? An approval process?

This interests me because I’ve seen several broken processes for public communication and have better ideas in mind, but would be interested in something that is already implemented and working.

Our policy: Speak up! We want our people to post on SvN, use Twitter, post on the Product Blog, and generally be visible and vocal.

We don’t have an institutionalized approval process. If someone feels like a post may be of questionable content, they can run it past me first, but I don’t require people to run posts past me before they are posted. It’s up to each person to decide if something requires a second look before posting.

When you trust people to make a reasonable decision, they’ll usually make one. When you require everything someone writes to go through an approval process they’ll probably write less and be less interesting. We don’t want people to be afraid to write or afraid to think.

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