Jealousy doesn’t have to be a negative emotion. It doesn’t have to be a cohort of anger or resentment. All it needs is a dash of hope.

I’ve always been a jealous person. I’ve always wanted things that others had. Skills they possessed. Authority they held. Success they enjoyed. But instead of feeling sorry for myself and growing spiteful of others, I found it to be the best motivation to imitate, adopt, and strive for the same rewards.

For me, all it took was a core belief that there was no reason I couldn’t do the same. That there was no such thing as a cosmic conspiracy allowing just a chosen few to prosper and oppressing the many.

I’m saddened every time I meet those who believe to the contrary. I think it’s such a fundamental enabler for achieving more that it almost seems unfair that it’s not a universal instinct instead of an acquired belief.