This afternoon, the 1,000,000th person will be added to Basecamp. The account that registers this 1,000,000th person will be given a $500 credit towards their account. If that person isn’t part of a paying account, we’ll give the credit to the closest paying account over the 1,000,000 mark.

Last year Dion Hinchcliffe predicted that “37signals Will Cross The 1,000,000 User Mark” in 2006. We’re thrilled that Basecamp alone has passed this mark. Add in a few hundred thousand from Backpack, over 100,000 from Campfire, and a few hundred thousand from Ta-da List and we’ve got 2,000,000 in our sights next year.

A few notes about these numbers: 1) They represent all accounts, not just active accounts. We’re just counting raw numbers right now. 2) Some people may be counted twice. One person with logins in multiple Basecamp accounts is counted for each separate account. 3) These numbers group together paying and free accounts. We don’t share the number of paying customers we have. 4) These numbers have not been audited—we’re just running some simple DB queries to pull these numbers out.

All that being said, we’d like to thank everyone that made this possible! Special thanks goes out to our paying customers—thanks for trusting us to provide you with simple, focused tools that help you make your own business or team more profitable and efficient.

We’ve got some great stuff planned in 2007. We’re hard at work on it right now. Stay tuned, we think you’ll like it!