Highrise was our first foray into accepting OpenID as a sign-in option. OpenID is a web-wide single sign-on service. You can find out more at the official OpenID site.

We then added OpenID sign-in to the Basecamp and Highrise forums. We also have OpenID running on an internal app. It’s easier to remember one OpenID than remember multiple usernames and passwords for multiple sites.

And now OpenID comes to Basecamp

Today we announce that you can use your OpenID login with Basecamp as well. This means you can use the same login for Highrise, the Highrise Forums, the Basecamp Forums, and Basecamp. Plus you can use that same login at any OpenID-enabled site on the web. Here’s how to use your OpenID with Basecamp.

OpenID enables single sign-on

Many people have multiple Basecamp accounts: One for work, one for personal, one for a volunteer organization they’re part of, etc. We’ve heard lots of requests for a single sign-on option: Log in to one Basecamp account and be logged into all your Basecamp accounts. OpenID and “Open Bar” makes this possible.

Open Bar

If you have multiple Basecamp accounts, and you use your OpenID to log into each account, you’ll see a thin black bar at the top of the screen. We’re calling this the “Open Bar.” In the example below I have four OpenID-enabled Basecamp accounts. I’m currently looking at the “37signals Extranet.”

The black Open Bar lists all your OpenID-enabled Basecamp accounts. The one you’re currently looking at is white and bold, the others are grey. Just click an account to switch to that account without having to log in. If we click on “400 North May” we’ll switch to that Basecamp account.

Open Bar will expand

Currently the Open Bar will only list your Basecamp accounts, but we have plans to add your Highrise accounts up there too. And once we move OpenID to Backpack and our other products you’ll have one-click pre-signed-in access to all the 37signals products you use.

Once you go OpenID you won’t go back

I was a skeptic at first, but once I switched to OpenID I can’t imagine going back. Find out more about OpenID on our site or the official OpenID site. We hope you give it a shot. We think you’ll find it useful.