When we launched the new Backpack, we were going to increase the prices across the board. It was a big overhaul and we felt the improvements were worth it.

But at the last minute, we changed our minds and decided to let old customers keep using Backpack the same way for the same price (or less).

Why? We didn’t want the excitement of the new launch to be drowned out by customers upset by a rate hike. We feared the new Backpack’s good vibes would get hijacked by pricing naysayers. So we took that possibility off the table.

The result: A decent number of people thanked us for grandfathering them at the same (or a lower) rate. But to most it was a non-story. And in this case, a non-story was a big win. It let the spotlight shine on the good news instead.

Lesson learned: Don’t tackle your own good news. The blogosphere can be an unforgiving place. Take pains to eliminate any negative aspects that might overshadow a launch or other good news.