Deals Sketch I had the opportunity to design an icon for the newly launched Deals feature in Highrise. Jason approached me one morning to think of some icon ideas to depict “Deals”. The development site used a stack of gold coins icon that Ryan had created, so I used that as a jumping off point. I started sketching variations of stacked coins. After a few minutes I decided to think about it in a different way. The word “Deal” kept bringing me back to the concept of card dealing. Card dealing is in no way related to the Deals feature however. I just couldn’t shake card dealing from my head, so I started sketching stacks of cards. I really dug the form that the stacked cards were making. The missing piece was: How is this related to “Deals”? I decided to take some inspiration from Super Mario Bros. and add a star to the top card. I finally had an idea to kick around with Jason and Ryan.

Star Icons Jason and Ryan were not sold on the star idea. I assured them that it needed more development, so I started producing the idea in Illustrator. I usually start icon work in grayscale. It is way too hard for me to lock down colors right away. The nice thing is that I can concentrate on getting the form just right. Color can always be added later. Once I completed the form I realized that I had the perfect icon. In the Deals tab of Highrise you can set your proposals/bids as Pending, Won, or Lost. The black and white icon would be the Pending state. I would add green for the Won state and red for the Lost state. It was all coming together. There was a problem though. Jamis and Ryan were already deep into development, and this dynamic icon concept would add scope. I shelved that idea and went back to Ryan’s original gold coins icon. Let’s use gold for the Deals icon.

Currency Icons Jason and Ryan were still not digging the star. We went back and forth for about 10 minutes when Ryan had a great idea. Let’s ditch the star for the currency symbol. When you’re dealing with USD proposals then use a dollar sign. When you’re dealing with Yen then use that symbol. I loved that idea and started producing the rest of the icons to map to the currencies that we currently support in Highrise Deals. It is refreshing to work on a little project like this. Jason and Ryan were able to make quick decisions about my icon design direction. As a result the project took less than a day to finish with a majority of my time spent learning about the feature. Side note for those that have kids: WebKinz KinzCash uses the same symbol as the South Korean Won. Feel free to track Deals in Highrise with your WebKinz Krazy kids by using the Won hack. You heard it here first.