Now that we’re almost done redesigning our product sites it’s time to turn our attention to the mothership: the 37signals site. A large portion of traffic to our product sites originates from the 37signals site. It’s important that we direct potential customers to the right products that meet their needs.

There is currently a page——that does a decent job of informing the customer which product to choose. However we are all in agreement that this is a temporary solution and it can be done better.

Yesterday I was experimenting with a different approach that would help these customers choose the right 37signals product. Right now it’s just a concept that might not even see the light of day (except on this here post). The copy is also not final. The overall shape, arrangement, and wording will ultimately determine if this concept will fail or succeed. Nonetheless, it’s an early iteration. Here’s a sample slice of the illustration:

Product Features

The idea here is that software feature charts are boring. Maybe there’s a better and more interesting way to help people see what each app can do. The customer would click on the “word bubble” that is closest to addressing their need. This would link them to the relevant site: Basecamp, Highrise, Backpack, or Campfire.

What do you think? Trying to be too clever or am I onto something here?