Pioneer Theatre
Seating Chart
Rich Corbridge writes, “The Pioneer Theatre in Salt Lake City provides not only a seating chart of the theater but an interactive ‘here’s what the view would be like from the seat you’ve chosen’ feature — very useful to a customer who has never been there before (follow the ‘Seating Chart’ link in the body of the page).”

Current time at MailBuild
MailBuildBrandon Silverstein writes, “I love how the MailBuild support page tells you what time it is locally right underneath the office hours. You can tell right away if the office is open or closed…This especially helps MailBuild customers in the United States that are not aware that MailBuild is based in Australia.”

Under suspicion at Firefox
Daniel Scrivner writes, “This came up in my Firefox brower earlier today. And I was immediately impressed that it recognized the forgery and alerted me so well. Just another reason I love Firefox!”

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