shows all cars currently on eBay for under 1k. Simple idea, yet Chris Hedgecock, the site’s founder, is earning a high six figure a year income from it. He recently managed to get nationwide attention for the site by driving cross country in one of the cars too.

After we hit New Orleans we noticed the coverage kind of snowballing. For example, the news story we shot in San Diego got picked up by their sister station in LA, the one we shot in El Paso aired in San Francisco, etc. By the time we were done in Miami, the story had gone national… on the largest day we did over 110,000 uniques – all for free…

So to recap, if you have an idea get off your ass and just go for it. The worst thing that can happen is you will learn something new, and you might just succeed beyond your wildest expectations in the process.

The whole thing is a great example of how you can take even the simplest of ideas, execute the heck out of it, market it creatively on the cheap, and see big rewards. Nice job Chris.