As the new designer at 37signals, I am working on a series of short-term projects, much like the old 37express projects and my recent Highrise contact screen exploration. The idea is to work through some long-standing areas of the apps with a fresh eye and an outsider’s perspective. It also allows us to revisit some areas that we know can be better, but for various reasons haven’t had the time to rework.

So the goal is for me to tackle one of these design challenges a week for the next 8 weeks or so. We may get sidetracked like we did on this first one, but that’s the plan for now. I’ll be looking at solutions that we can implement immediately, but also digging in to see where else the process might take us. I’ll also be documenting these explorations for all to see.

Redesigning the Basecamp Account Chart

The first exploration was of the “Account (Upgrade/Billing)” tab in Basecamp and my write-up of the process is live. Not only that, but we went ahead and implemented the final design into Basecamp. It was pretty cool to get in here, get to work, and have my design live all in the first 10 days or so as a signal.

See the Basecamp Account Chart design exploration.