Just about two weeks ago we launched the a redesign of the account chart in Basecamp. This is where people can upgrade or downgrade their accounts.

The goal was to increase overall upgrade conversions and encourage people who are on Basic plans or lower to upgrade to the Plus plan (our lowest priced full-feature plan).


I’m glad to report our design hunches appear to have paid off. We’re only about two weeks in, so we don’t have a ton of data yet, but we can compare the 14 days since the upgrade with the 90 days prior to the upgrade.

  • Average upgrades/day: up 13%
  • Average Plus upgrades/day: up 33%
  • Average $ value increase per upgrade: up 8%

We’re thrilled with these numbers. We’ve moved the new design to the Highrise account chart as well. We’ll watch and see if we see the same improvements with Highrise as we have with Basecamp.