One of the things that got me excited about Apple’s multitouch UI for the iPhone is the potential for “handmade” shortcuts. I’ll call them trails.

I don’t know how this would work, or where/when you’d be able to do it, but let’s suspend those issues for a second and just talk about the potential.

What if I could make shapes or trails on the iPhone screen to visit a web site, sms someone, or speed dial? Here’s the idea:

iPhone trails

In otherwords, make the shortcuts mine. I could make a Z trail to call my dad at his office number. Or an O to call my friend Oliver. Or a spiral to load up The New York Times’ web site. Or create parallel lines with two fingers to open up the sms app and start a conversation with David.

Anyway, just an idea. I’ve always thought squiggles or trails or shapes would be a great personal way to create shortcuts. It’s cool to maybe see that potential made possible with the iPhone’s Multitouch technology.